Our Mission

GLOBAL FINTECH innovations are now  shaping in Uzbekistan.  Leading global Banking services companies are now offering their products through a local Uzbek Fintech company called OOO FinextraGroup Uzbekistan. 

Due to a number of reforms and development of the Banking sectors initiated by a President of the republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev, a new Fintech company has emerged in the market. OOO FintextraGroup is a local Fintech company that has become a bridge to a global Fintech network . The company has partnered top global Fintech leaders such as Finastra ( the 3rd largest Fintech company in the world), Neoflex ( leading System Integrator in the financial market) ,and  RBTechnologies ( Leading System Integrator in the financial market) . Our partner network is constantly growing…

OOO Finextra is aiming to provide state of the art software solutions by localizing the products and adopting the products according the Central bank’s requirements.  The company is convinced that best products can give a quick leap in quick and effective transformation of the banking and financial services industry in Uzbekistan. Through a rich global network and knowledge of the local requirements , OOO Finextra is providing the solutions for all types of banks of any size by offering products in the following domains: Trade Finance solutions ( TI+ Product by Finastra), Risk Management solutions ( which is a full set of enterprise Risk management software called FUSION RISK), Treasury Solution ( KONDOR). All these products have got a strong reputation in the world and are currently being used by Tier 1 and 2 banks . More than 50% of TOP 100 banks operating in Russia as well as companies from more than 10 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa are being our clients.

Our partners have served some biggest  names such as : Alfabank, Banca Intesa, Bank PSA Finance, BMW BANK, BNP Paribas Bank, Cetelem LLC, Citadel, ING Wholesale Banking, National Settlement Depository, Natixis  Bank, OOO HSBC Bank (RR), PEC Company, Piraeus bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Renault-Nissan captive bank, Sberbank, Societe Generale, OTP Bank, Toyota Financial Service, UniCredit Bank, VTB 24, Х5 Retail Group and many others.

Through this exclusive partnership, OO Finextra also resolved issues around lack of human capital and niche skillsets so required for transformation of the banking sector. 

FINEXTRA GROUP  has decided to partner with global vendors and create a hybrid model together with our local skillsets through an intensive training and global certification program with our partners. We have formed a group of highly technical experts who has a knowledge of Central Bank 's  requirements and current IT landscape in Uzbekistan. We have partnered with local Fintech companies who came from the Banking industry and posess strong business and technical knowledge. It is a win to win case, when our local experts are providing local expertise and our partners offering global innovations all under one umbrella company- FINEXTRA.

 This consortium, provides new products together with global vendors  and offering a unique “adopted” service to the Banking sector in Uzbekistan.  We have formed partnerships with Software companies  ( proven Reputable products and successful methodologies ) , with system Integrators and Consulting companies. We help local banks and financial services institutions in Uzbekistan to achieve technological leadership, ensuring digital transformation through the introduction of the most effective and innovative IT solutions knowing the reality of Uzbek IT landscape…

OOO Fintextra has also initiated the first ever FintechLab in Uzbekistan , focused on Capacity building, Human capital and technology adoption for Banks.  The Lab is aimed to provide  comprehensive knowledge of products and proof of concepts.  There is a set of programs will  aim to raise a number of pain points and regulation aspects in the Fintech area.  We host series of panel discussions  with bankers , Regulators and fintech companies on one platform- FinTechLAB .